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Stone Restoration

Stone Restoration

What about stone Restoration

It is possible to restore a worn stone, this can either be granite, marble or travertine. When it comes to stone restoration, it means these stones are restored in the form they were during the installation process. Some consumers would prefer a finishing that rhymes with their preferences and hence there will need to change the surface of the stone, this process also constitutes to stone restoration.

This process can only be done by professionals, and it calls for qualified experts to do the services. In fact, what matters more in the stone restoration process is the level of experience, knowledge as well as the equipment to be used. Our company has the best in store when it comes to service delivery. With our well experienced and qualified technicians, the whole thing is done in a way that will leave all our clients satisfied.

Our services

Through the mechanical abrasion process, our experts have the ability to get rid of all the damages and scratches from the surface of the stone. The whole process is done in a perfect way that would make the stone appear polished. Ideally, the natural stones usually require the natural light for reflection and this case there is usually no need for a coating. Our technicians, however, include some diamond grits in the right proportion, after which they do a good polishing on the surface of the stone.   The diamond abrasives are applied repeatedly until an attractively polished finishing is achieved. This is part of what our company does, it brings all your expectations before your very own eyes, with us, it’s possible to bring out the desired finishing that you long for.

What makes us stand out

Apart from the dedication, professionalism and high level of experience from our experts, you will also get to enjoy the restoration of a flamed finish on a stone. During this process, our technicians control the burning of the stone to a way that will be within the desired state. As the crystals ‘pop’ one by one, the ultimate process brings out a clear unique finish that cannot be compared to any other.

In simple terms each finishing takes a series of different process and techniques, our experts have all this knowledge and experience, and will serve you with any stone finish of your desire.

Our charges

Since each and every stone finishing has its own unique style of processing, the charges are also dependent on the complexity of the procedure involved. It also depends on where the stone needs to be installed in the building, however our charges are affordable, seemingly cheaper than the entire cost of replacement, it therefore leaves no doubt that you will always have a replacement that looks more than new.

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Our services usually begin once you have deposited some payments as a form of commitment, normally our clients are given a 2 week plan before the entire process begins, but our technicians can always be rescheduled sooner just in case your need is urgent.